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Soon after the birth of our first son, my husband asked for a Christmas present that was more personal than the usual gifts we had exchanged in previous years. He suggested a necklace of some kind. He didn’t know what sort of necklace,
 only that it had to be something a bit unusual and very special to us both. After hours of research I discovered 
fingerprint jewellery. I knew straight away that this would be just what he wanted and more. I had mine and my son’s
 fingerprints captured in silver and put onto a leather band. My husband wasn’t disappointed.

When our daughter was born I knew I wanted her prints done as well. I had considered making my own high quality necklaces and bracelets and, in these early days of motherhood, I spent what few free hours I had planning my own designs. The potential for developing this idea had really got a hold of me so the next step was to complete a course in silver clay. From my initial simple designs to more elaborate and ambitious pieces, I have now developed high quality products without losing that personal touch – the wow factor!

My family and friends all loved the items I made especially for them and word spread until here I am today, lovingly handcrafting personalised jewellery for customers nationwide. With a little imagination and a lot of determination I have fulfilled my dreams and would love to offer you my personalised service.

If you have a special memory, capture it in silver. And it will be with you forever.

I look forward to helping you.

Lucy Locket

If you live in the Ipswich area feel free to contact Lucy for an appointment to visit her, and get your prints done that way. Lucy is happy to discuss, coffee mornings, events and parties.  She can bring her jewellery along and even take prints.