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Impression Kit instructions

By popular request we have introduced a new home kit which enables you to take fingerprint impressions to send to us to hand make your beautiful bespoke jewellery.

And the best thing is it couldn't be any simpler! When you place a bespoke jewellery order with us we send out your impression kit straight away. This contains everything you need including instructions and even a second set of the material to make sure you are totally happy.

This page contains all the instructions you need for a successful print at home or you can download a pdf version by clicking the following image:



Please read through these instructions carefully and make sure you understand each step before you start

The model’s hands should be washed and dried thoroughly (do NOT apply talc or hand cream, or use a baby wipe). You can wipe the model's fingertip with a clean, dry lint-free cloth if you wish.

Remove the blue and white moulding material from the pots, and divide them both into two equal balls.

You should now have 2 blue and 2 white balls of material in front of you.

This will enable you to have two separate goes at taking the fingerprint.


WARNING! As soon as you mix any white material into the blue material, the hardening process starts, and you only have around 1 minute of working time left to capture the fingerprint in the material, so you need to work quite quickly from now onwards!

Aggressively roll, press and rub one white ball together with one blue ball, thoroughly and quickly mixing them together to form them into a ball of lighter blue material. 

Remembering to work fast, very slightly flatten just the surface of the pale blue ball with the bottom of a tumbler

Take hold of the model’s finger and firmly press the flat of the fingertip downwards into the flattened pale blue material using a confident and smooth motion to form a dip in the material, then lift the finger off. Do not press down so hard that you go right through the material (if the model is an adult or older child, they can do this part for themselves). The

The imprint doesn’t need to be very deep (around 5mm deep is fine), as it’s just the fingerprint we need. Without touching or moving it, inspect the fingerprint impression immediately: if you have good eyesight, you should be able to see an imprint of a fingerprint in it. But don't panic if you can't see a fingerprint in it - quickly roll it again a take the print again ( only try this once more) you may not see the print as these can be very small


Repeat process on the other 2 blue and white. Once you are happy with one (or both of) the fingerprint(s) you have captured, do not touch or move the fingerprint impression at all. Leave it alone to harden completely for 30 minutes.

After this time, complete the label on the front of the empty plastic bag, place the fingerprint impression inside, and seal the bag.

Important: do not forget this step! Fill in the details on the plastic re-sealable bag and place the fingerprint impressions inside the plastic re-sealable bag into the padded return envelope. Along with the example fingerprint.

Seal the return envelope. Affix correct postage (the packet will need to be weighed at a Post Office) and post the return envelope back to us. Note that packets with incorrect postage on may not arrive, delaying your order.

On receipt of your usable fingerprint impression, we will set to work in the design studio, making your fingerprint jewellery by hand, with great care. In the unlikely event that a fingerprint impression you have made isn’t useable, we will contact you.