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I believe my boy Marley was the first to have a toe print done by Lucy ! It's wicked ! And
we'll worth every penny ! If your looking for a great reminder of your child's early years !
Then look this up !!!!!

Jim N

Lucy has made several things for us and presents for family. All are much loved and 
cherished. We had a key ring made for Grandad with prints of both grandchildren and he
loves it so much he wears it on a chain around his neck!

Cordell S

'I absolutely love my necklace with two hearts, each with a fingerprint from my two 
children. It was one of the most thoughtful Christmas presents I have ever received from
my husband. I will treasure them forever. Thanks Lucy Locket for making me feel so
relaxed in your home and for bring so good with my young children... Helped to get a
good print!'

Mrs M from 'Swich!

I love my little pendant. I have had lots of comments so there will be a few orders coming 
your way for Christmas. Shall call you soon with mine xx

Jodie S

I absolutely love the fingerprint pendant that you made for me Lucy Locket Jewellery, and 
the silver fingerprint keyrings that you then subsequently made up as Christmas presents
for my children's grandparents were so well received. I would go so far as to say they
have been the best gifts we have ever given, and a real treasured keepsake. I thoroughly
recommend Lucy Locket Jewellery, and found Lucy herself to be professional, reliable and
a pleasure to deal with.

Emma D

I went to Lucy for some inspiration for godparent gifts. Lucy created individual beautiful 
personalised jewellery for all 3 godparents which will be cherished for many years.
A wonderful personal gift for any loved one

Clare M

i absolutely love my necklace that Lucy Locket made, they are a unique memory that i will 
treasure for always each piece is individual and priceless to me!

Kate C

My oldest and dearest friend Lucy locket surprised me with a beautiful necklace with my girls names on it. Living in two diferent countries means we don't catch up a lot but it was such a thoughtful gift and felt very precious and personal, it made me cry.. I LOVED it! I can't wait to return to UK in 2013 and get some finger prints. We Love Lucy locket x

Kaley R

Absolutely love my necklace with fingerprints,kids names and a beautiful blue pendant on.it Looks great on a long chain. Rarely take it of. Always have people asking about it. Hubby loves his cuf links too. What's next? Lucy is always coming up with new, creative ways to wear your prints.

Julia W

Lucy made a necklace for me with my two girls names on and finger prints it was 
amazing x :)

Sarah H